Fire Sense Heaters & Stuff

That’s an awfully dry-looking field to be running a heater in…

Is it really that safe?

Dry? It’s basically sitting in a swamp. I’d be more concerned with electrocution.

I wish I could use this on my patio for the cold Chicago months…but I just can’t get over the ‘hamburger warming lamp’ thought of doing so.

Does anyone have these and children too or know of any problems having these around kids? (i.e. burns, getting knocked over, setting things on fire, that sort of thing.)

That’s just a pond within the dry field.

I have one of these and I would honestly recommend looking at a propane heater instead. I stopped using mine because of safety concerns. These draw a lot of power (13 amps) and don’t have a switch. If you don’t hook it up to a switch and plug it in be ready for a mini light show. Also, you should avoid extension cords if possible, but if you need one make sure it is ready for this type of power. This will fry any cord that can’t handle it.