Fire Sense Outdoor Heat & Grilling

Does anyone have any experience with the notebook charcoal grill? Thinking of getting one but still on the fence…

About the same price with shipping from Amazon.

Some sketchy reviews… Potential for razor edges, shipping damage. Plenty of other options out there.

Holy crap - who lit that fire pit on that old, weathered, well seasoned wood deck!?

Does anyone have any experience with the infrared heaters? I have 2 LPG heaters rated at 46,000 BTUs. If my calculations are correct, that’s about 13,481 watts worth of heat, which essentially means I’d need almost 9 of these 1,500 watt IR heaters to do the job of one LPG heater. I love their claim of them being 1/10th the cost of LPG. While it may be true, it also heats 1/10th the amount.

Don’t worry. It’s faux seasoned.

Black one is 50% off on Amazon