Fire Sense Table Top Patio Heater, Bronze

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Fire Sense Table Top Patio Heater, Bronze
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Home Depot has a few reviews

I bought this on clearance from HD a while ago (for about 1/3 of the woot price.) It worked a couple times but then stopped. Too bad, because I liked it when it worked.

Any chance it was just the starter that went out? That’s usually what goes first in most propane heaters or grills. We just light our heater with one of those extended lighters.

Unfortunately not. Seems no gas getting to top. Can’t hear it, smell it, and I’ve held lighter right up to where it would come out. No luck. (I’ve also tried several different bottles of LP, but still no luck.) I haven’t thrown it out yet, so I’ll try try again. Maybe if I’m lucky, whatever is obstructing the gas will go away.

I bought my from Home Depot on Black Friday, and all I can say is that I love it. We use it outside our RV so portability is critical for us. The heat is not too intense, and the propane consumption is in line with my expectations. As a tip, one time it would not light and I went inside and found out the ground wire to the ignitor had come loose. Just plugged it back in and it worked fine. In terms of toughness to the element I do not leave mine outside so I cannot give an opinion one way or another. To me it is too nice to expose to weather day in and day out. Good luck!

I have a similar style heater, and a couple of times I had to take the top off to get to the pilot hole. Seemed the bugs or crud would obstruct the flame. No pilot…no gas flow.