Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote - 2020 release

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote - 2020 release

As this device ages, if it’s anything like the Fire Sticks I had in the past, be prepared for it to get slower (and slower and slower) and hotter (temperature wise).


I like FireTV and prefer the remotes to the fat awkward ROKU remotes.

Also like the integration with Alexa so we can view our security cameras on our TVs.

But in spite of those benefits, we seem to gravitate back to the ROKUs due to FireTV being buggy. I will work fine for weeks… then an update and it occasionally, not usually frequently, crashes in the middle of watching something. ROKU certainly can crash as a well, but seemingly less frequently.

User interfaces can be a personal thing, but FireTV’s tends to be kludgy, less clean than ROKU. The real user interface sin is how crappy the content provider interfaces and apps are on either FireTV or ROKU devices.

Also, all our ROKU devices auto-updated to support Apple AirPlay. I don’t think any of our FireTV devices support AirPlay - at least not without downloading a third party app.

Just guessing a lot of the refinement of ROKUs comes from the company being focused on streaming devices whilst it feels like Amazon support priorities hop all over the place.

(We have both FireTV and ROKU devices on several of our TVs.)


The FireTV is basically one big ad (EVERYWHERE you turn) for Amazon. The Roku has AN ad, and that’s it.

Also, your bolding strategy is still weird and interesting and sometimes makes elephants difficult to read because your eyes glaze over certain doughnuts and you only read ham bolded words.