Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

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Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote
Price: $34.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I want to like the Fire TV Stick but it only works when it has perfect Wifi, so if you have a wall between it and your router it’s not a good fit.

If you want it for Kodi, anticipate ridiculous buffering. It’s not a bad device though, I like mine.

This + shipping = same price for a new Fire Stick on Amazon…

[MOD: Actually, this model has voice remote and is $49.99 when brand new]

Only $5 off of the price compared to the brand new version on Amazon, no thanks.

[MOD: Ours has voice remote]

This has voice remote that is $49.99 on Amazon so you save $10

This is the version with the voice control remote, so $15 dollars less than new on amazon. $5 shipping, but still $10 net savings over new.

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That may be your experience, but not mine. Even when the stick has “fair” WIFI connection (one bar or so) I can still stream without any hiccups. It’s so much more stable than my Sony smart Bluray player. I’ve been using mine for almost a year now.

All those saying it’s the same price as a new one on Amazon need to read more carefully. You people are wrong, as Mack and Marty have explained
And the Fire Stick is awesome! Saving $80/mo on my cable bill.

There are ways to eliminate buffering. I don’t have any buffering issues at all

Can you share how?

Does Kodi work with the regular Fire TV? Got one as a gift and never knew about it.

I don’t know how you are saving $80 per month. I can’t get it to play full episodes of ANYTHING without having to subscribe to a cable or Sat service.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Search “KODI Fire stick”.


[MOD: Embedded vid]

Oh hah, thanks for the link!

Morning Folks!

Does the “stick” have 4K pass through or does it support 4K Ultra HD. I just aquired a 4K 3D tv and attempting to cut that darn cable :).

To the person above saving 80.00 month - how or what steps did you take to finalize the cord cutting if you have time please?

Thanks All !

Nope. Need real good wifi. You must have extremely high speed internet for it to work so good or you hacked it like a dude at my work did. I have 30/3 internet and bought the stick. Tried it, and was putrid. It buffered, never stopped being under 480… and I was only trying it out with Star Trek Voyager… not HD.

Talked to Amazon and they wanted me to “turn my tv” to get a better connection. I unplugged my tv plugged it back in next to the wifi and only then did it work. The CSR for Amazon said “its not for everyone” and I guess that means jamokes with average internet connections lol.

Bottom line. If you are not in the same room or within 30 feet or have a marginal internet speed… avoid. Even Amazon did a vertual shoulder shrug to this, and all but admitted a lot of them get returned because of this issue. Two people at work suffered the same fate. But the guy who hacked it says it works amazing.

Just letting you know what happened yo me…