Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

We purchased this a few months ago from Woot, and LOVE the service. It is so quick and responsive and we have enjoyed it very much!

It’s only $39.99 new with prime shipping. Not much of a discount.

49.99 w/voice remote

amazon has free shipping if you have prime…so only a few bucks more new

If it doesn’t work when you get it, it probably is because it wasn’t reset. I had that problem and they had to send me another one.

Prices with tax and shipping.
$45.14 On Woot.
$53.74 On amazon with Prime.

For me, I would rather have a new one if the difference is only $8.60.

Is this model kodi compatible?

Does anyone have the Fire Stick who also had Roku? How do they compare? Which has the better interface? I have a Roku2 which I’m considering replacing due to buffering.

It’s not technically supported, but there are plenty of resources on the web that can help you set it up if that’s what you want.

Ordered two from here last sale and both were blacklisted (won’t let you activate) be sure to check with Amazon tech support if you have login issues on first start-up. That being said still plan on getting two and trying again.

I just stopped using my Roku all together now that I have the Kodi add-on. I shut off my netflix too.

I have both, and there are pros and cons to both.

The FireTV has a MUCH better interface. It’s tightly tied to Amazon though, so if you don’t have Prime, you probably won’t be able to get full use out of it. It can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and a lot more. The voice search is pretty much identical to an Amazon Echo. Use it to ask the weather and the weather pops up. Ask it to look for an actor or director, and it’ll pull up shows.

The Roku gets props for having a LOT more channels (although being honest, a lot of those channels are junk). The Roku can stream NFL via Sunday Ticket. The Roku can stream CNN (if you have Comcast. I don’t know about other ISP’s) while the FireTV can’t.

The search on Roku is universal. If you look for an actor, it’ll show you all the available places you can see things with that actor. Google Play, Hulu, Netflix, etc. The voice search on the FireTV only pulls up what’s available on Amazon.

The big thing, for me, that keeps us using the Roku is HBO Go. Yes, the FireTV can play it. And yes, the FireTV’s interface for HBO Go is better. But if you’re watching a series, the Roku will stop after one episode; the FireTV won’t (and cannot be set to. I asked). So we use the Roku to fall asleep to things like Last Week Tonight. With a data cap (I’m looking at YOU, Comcast), that’s a nice feature.

So if you want universal searches, Google Play and Vudu (those are the two big ones that are popping to my mind), and “stop after one show,” then stick to the Roku. If you don’t care too much about that, then I’d say pop for the FireTV.

Note: I don’t have the Roku 4, so I don’t know if things have changed on that system.

I picked up the Fire Stick to subscribe to Playstation Vue. That app was a big bag of suck for me. Constant buffering, slow and complete crashes causing the stick to reboot. I would not recommend it if you wanted to watch PS Vue on it. Everything else worked great though and the interface was nice.

I personally prefer the Roku. Now that Vue has a Roku app the FS doesn’t get used.