Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

So I can buy a Used/Refurbished firestick for $36.99+$5 shipping or i can buy one brand new from for $39.99 free shipping with prime…
Yeah good deal you got going on here woot…

To be fair I thought the same thing but this is the voice remote model which I think is $49.99. Still… Not a great deal though. These things just don’t go on sale that often

Recently offered as an open box factory refurbished for $32.99.

I am in for a couple of these as I love my Amazon Fire Stick but I have gone through a few of these. Recently had one just about melt down - that was a first. I actually got a message on my TV saying it was overheating.

I think I can expect that these only last about a year. It may be worth a warranty, but I don’t want to be without my stick while I wait for service.

I’ve bought 2 of these recently. The first I got on Prime day, the second a couple of weeks ago here on Woot. I’m a happy camper.

The device was super easy to set up. It works great, giving much better picture quality than the Roku 2 that it replaced. I was concerned about lack of information about using headphones or earbuds with the Fire Stick. The FS controller does not have a port to plug in earphones/buds but it does support BlueTooth. I was able to pair 2 different BT earbud sets with it. It took a few minutes to complete the pairing process - much longer than pairing with a smartphone - but it works great.

The big problem I’ve got with the Fire TV products is that there’s no native app to watch UltraViolet movies. You can apparently sideload Vudu in a browser, but the UI isn’t remote friendly then.

I don’t know why there’s not a native Vudu app. Maybe it’s because Walmart and are competitors, and one or the other doesn’t want to play together. Who knows?

Is it reasonably easy to load Kodi on these?

I read it is doable just curious to hear from someone who did it if it is not for the hardcore geek only to accomplish.

Yes, very easy. It takes less than 10 minutes. Type a one or two URLs, download, click install and you are done.