Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

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Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote
Price: $32.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 03 to Tuesday, Oct 04) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Save your money and get a Roku stick. This is a crap product that constantly reboots itself spontaneously. Amazon can’t fix it, so they’ve replaced it for me three times. The last time they replaced it with their second generation stick but it was no better than the first generation stick. All four sticks fail constantly.

Note a 2 buck price drop!

$38.00 with shipping here or $40.00 for the latest version from Amazon on the 20th if you have Prime. And still no VUDU app. No thanks.

Buy it and hack it. Great tool.

Love mine!!! Team Kodi Here…

Had mine for 6 mos. now, loaded Kodi and Bain. works perfectly!

Not a deal when you can get a new one for $7 more

I’m curious what a Roku supposedly has over the Fire Stick. I have them both and never use the Roku. Maybe it’s me mostly using Amazon Prime.

Newest version is 39.99 right now.

Product is good though,
I have 3 of these older versions, all still work well with better video quality than the ‘smart’ TV’s we have in other rooms.

Only negatives I have with the fire sticks are;

You get a nag screen once in a while if you let the TV’s USB supply the power instead of using the power block that comes with it

I guess they found some/most TV’s USB power was limited and effected video quality.
I still don’t have a video issue,
just a nag screen issue since they updated the software.

Other issue is just that they are wifi only.
Not a huge deal since I knew that going in,
but I’d rather use ethernet for something like this that I’m not constantly moving from TV to TV.

Storage 8 GB internal
Memory 1 GB

This is weak …like the Ukraine.

For this price similar boxes are selling for $29.

16gb and 2gb is the new standard.

Roku doesn’t have 1/4 of the capability the Stick has. The Kodi app alone blows Roku away!

Stupid question here…sorry in advance.
I’ve been leery about using an android-based box sine The only experience I’ve ever had was with an Apple TV. Are the androids easy to use and what’s the difference. ( i’m sorry I did warn you these are stupid questions. thank you in advance for your help)