Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers – 6 Pack Woot Info Post
so i herd u like!

Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers – 6 Pack [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

6 * Inno-Labs Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers

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These are perfect for chicken kabobs

Fire wire! Much faster than USB 2.0! :slight_smile:

Found a one star review.

No, they absolutely do not work with Mac or your HD Digital Video Camera.

Previous woot anyone?

Here’s a demonstration commercial:

Outdated as of usb 3

Amazon reviews

Are these reusable?

What is the typical life time for these skewers? Will they survive more that one grilling season?

It looks like they would be really hard to turn over…has anyone tried these?

Fire Wire website

Amazon link $12.70 for a set of two

These “skewers” must be a form of that “accupuncture” I hear so much about these days.

I was sent a few of these to test out and review for my tailgating site. I did a demo video on the product and liked them very much. (Fire Wire Product Review & Video)

I thought they were genius for taking tailgating. They are easily transportable and you can take them in a ziplock bag and you are good to go. I highly recommend them.

How am I supposed to get these OFF the grill? I can’t believe the steel cable and tip wouldn’t be hot. Do I need to master the art of gripping both ends with tongs simultaneously?

These are perfect if you plan on decorating a Christmas tree with grilled vegetables. Also, marshmallows may look more festive.

Here ya go: previous woot (one of them, anyway).

I got these in a previous Woot-off (I think). I haven’t used them yet but they look sturdy enough. I’m concerned about how they’re going to stay put in the dishwasher, though.

BTW, it’s pretty crappy that they call this a 6-for-Tuesday… The package comes with 6, so it’s not a special Tuesday thing, IMO. What’s next a pair of shoes being called 2-for-Tuesday because there are two in the box?