Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers – 6 Pack

I think your outlook on that review will depend on what you’re trying to do on the grill. There were 3 complaints: 1) it’s flexible, so hard to turn, 2) they’re round, so the food slips, and 3) if the “handles” are out of the fire, they can accumulate bacteria.

  1. is a tradeoff - you get length and more efficient use of grilling area in return.

  2. a solution to this and #1 might be to turn your food with some tongs.

  3. is true of any skewers - either place the ends over the grill temporarily, or just wash them.

All that being said, Mrs. Ghost wishes to stay with our conventional skewers.

The pointy side has a piece of aluminum for about 4 inches. Leave that part hanging off the front or side of the grill, and it won’t get hot at all. We just picked them up by that and transported them to a plate.

Here’s the problem. You’re supposed to use the “pointy” end as the end you stick through raw food and also as “handles” that “stay cool.” However, if you stick the pointy end through raw meat, cook the meat, but leave the pointy end hanging off the grill to use as handle, you could then end up sliding the cooked meat back across salmonella land when you remove the cooked meat from the skewer by passing it over the pointy end.

Solution: Pass the flame from a butane torch over the “handles” while the skewered food is cooking.

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SOME kind of sterilization needs to happen before running all that food back over the tips!
A) keep the pointed ends on the grill and (gasp) turn with tongs –
*I think the best advantage of the flexibility is to loop them, thus ensuring everything turns at once. Bamboo turns everything easily.
B) fire-brand tips with a torch as suggested above.
C) Leave LOOP end out of grill !