Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers – 6 Pack


so woot, i mean, i love you guys, but if you have like 5 of all of these things you could have sold a couple more Baguettes of Candy.


Maybe you could use a skewer for that?

Oh boy. Time for someone to start ranting about how unsanitary these things are.

THese will be great for holding my cedar planks together.

I think the speed woot round might be over…is it safe to sleep yet? >_>

Grr, this one’s gonna take a while.

all this intense wooting action is starting to wear me out.

note to self: buy faster internet.


For those with a Firewire compatible grill.

More than ONE item - puhleeze.

Why? They’re not refurbished, and it seems stainless steel should be pretty easy to sterilize.

Doesn’t look like it will connect to my firewire port on my computer.

Do these guys hold their shape?

Wah, I wanted so many things during the speed round and couldn’t get any of them. Three of them was due to hesitation. Waaaahhh!

Hmm. Me thinks the wonderful speed Wooting has come to a sad and bitter end. And I still feel empty…

Anybody else feel like this is like the Walmart clearance section?

Lots of various stuff in mostly small quantities, some beaten up, and mostly not marked down very much?

ugh, I just got to my fast laptop and the action stops. And I soooo wanted the umbrella. Second time I missed it. And snugglie; bring back snugglie.

I can finally get started on those meat wreaths for Christmas! Thanks, woot!

This woot-off has been awesome, but bad for my health, stuck to the computer for the last two days, little to no sleep…

Actually now that I think of it, this is about as bad as one of my gaming binges, at least I have a stock of red bull handy.