Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers – 6 Pack

No, these will not work with your computer.

Awesomely Random.

Now I like my skewers stiff, so they don’t dip into fires.

So I don’t see why I want them to bend down into it.

This fire wire is not mac compatible!

Boo! i barley had time to type a witty comment on the last one.

I have these. Absolutely great!!

These things suck. I bought them last year in a Woot and have relegated them to the junk drawer. They don’t stay cool-touch like they claim, and any time you try to flip your kebabs, the meat/veg/fruit just spins on the cords. It’s a real pain in the rear end to work with them.

Anyways the lights threw off my guesses.

I am going back to my original

Keyboard/Mouse or HDMI cables

These are great for flame-grilling spinning lights and monkeys.

How big are the gaps in your grates?

Actually…if you stick the end in that little hole your CD will pop out!

Is this Firewire 400, 800, or 1600?

next up, a crappy DVD player or TV… or the combo…

Have to be smarter than the wire!

Nope, their diameter is too large.

I think that may have crossed a line.

no way, it’s gonna be a bluetooth.

I honestly do not get these. If there is one thing skewers absolutely should be, it’s rigid.

What’s a limited lifetime warranty?

What do you people at Woot know about me?

How long do I have?

More importantly, can you keep a secret? I’m about to buy some life insurance…