That’s the fanciest buttplug t-shirt I’ve ever seen.


Beautiful, kharmazero. Nice one!

That ! should go on the left.

Holy testicle indeed.

Great show, too bad it only lasted one season. Nice print!

I would get this…except it looks too much like a burning cross, and I’d have to explain myself to everyone.


That use of color and negative image (black ship) would make the perfect balrog!

thank you very much

I’ll be in my bunk.

Oh well. Strictly speaking, I don’t think it’s the right code point anyway.

For some reason the Firefly fan resources usually translate it as “holy testicle Tuesday.” I don’t know why.


Thanks a lot ;))

thanks a lot!i will think of the balrog but good idea

  • 1 movie;-)Thanks a lot

You’d perhaps like to check it again,there was a bug in the first hours and the pic that was showing wasn’t the good one.

i didn’t know that

Oh man. I ordered a different tshirt and they sent me this on a pale grey shirt. It looks obscene. :flushed::rofl:

Oh no! I’m sorry about that. Our CS team will be able to get you your replacement for the original shirt ordered and should be with you very soon.