FireFlower Thrower

This has so much potential…too bad.

wootsy strikes again. please exit to the left

I like the spray painted outline effect on the side. Makes it look like this was a DIY shirt or something.

A Bansky tribute piece with mainstream video games?

It’s a paradox worthy of Doc Brown!

Wait, you don’t throw the flower. You just touch it and it allows you to throw fireballs.

For anyone who is unaware of the Banksy reference.

Yeah DIY all right. It’s supposed to be stencil graffiti 'cause it’s a play on Banksy’s “Love Is In The Air”.


I think I would prefer this on a red or green.

Mario looks a bit like a bearded hobo in this one.

The cloth over Mario’s face may make it more accurate to the original art, but it kind of makes it look like he has a beard which is just strange.

It’s a graphic tee. Get it?

Part of the “Occupy 3-2 Street” movement.

I’m a sucker for most video game shirts, but I really don’t see me wearing this one, ever. Definitely had potential, …pass.

Recommended viewing material for those wondering about the artist description…

I feel like this should have Bowser as the one throwing the flower.

From what I’ve read about Banksy, him acting the part of the loner rebel type who fights against “the system” would definetly be better paralleled by the King of the Koopas.

After all, Mario represents the establishment and he’s always trying to rescue the princess to restore the “totalitarian regime” of the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser is always going in and disrupting that system.


Actually, I thought it wanted to be on silver. Somehow, the stencil effect and silver seem to work for me.

I like it and it looks like a cross stitch pattern. Would it be too, too terrible to buy it and cross stitch it? In appropriate, tasteful colors, of course.

Yeah… It would have worked better if it was drawn more closely in the style of the reference than going the 8-bit route. It just leaves everyone confused.