Firefly Mini Remote

bad reviews on amazon

will this work with world of warcraft


What, you don’t wnat one?

worst haiku ever…

holy crap, it controls SPACE SHIPS???

its the sensor for the remote

whadda pisser

I’ll pass thank you very much

Got a remote for my comp free with my tv tuner… had to pay S&H for it though, which probably ended up costing just as much as if I was to buy this one.

Didn’t the media center PC already have a remote with it?

speakers must be next

don’t want it, but you guys should get 3 of it! boc PLEASE!!!

Too bad this product doesn’t connect to a computer in order to display images. Otherwise I would have bought it.

Coming up…: Overpriced low-quality all-in-one inkjet (holy crap expensive ink) printer. IN FOR 3!!

Quick!! You need this for your monitor…and maybe for your Romba

Remote ----(air)—> Receiver —(cable)—> USB ----> PC

SCORE!! =/

dumb, really dumb

dumb, really dumb

No there is something I really don’t need - hope there is only a couple of them - bring on the next item!