Firepit Table with Wood Finish Top

Firepit Table with Wood Finish Top
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jul 09 to Monday, Jul 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
6/16/2014 - $299.99 (Woot Plus)

not 100% this is the same one but check out this similar model

It looks like this is the same model for $444 over at Newegg. So this doesn’t appear to be a bad price at all.

Just received my firepit from the woot+ offering at the same price. Yesterday it was delivered by a freight company on a pallet to my driveway. It was heavy but not impossible to lift with a buddy and bring to the backyard. The packaging was very good… it would take a lot of mishandling to damage.

My initial impression that it looks pretty good and build materials are decent. My fire tray came with one screw that fell out into the pan when in transit but went right back to hold the pan in place. I will be firing it up to test this weekend.

To my surprise it did come with a basic cover for rain although I needed to provide my own cap to place over the tray so that water didn’t pond over the cover in the tray.

Here in NJ we got git hard with a in last night with rain so I will take some pics when I go inspect how everything held up.

Would love to know more … definitely considering this!

Bought this last time it was on Woot… we have been looking at these for a while, this is a great price. Came well packaged, in good shape. We wanted fire glass in it, so we put a thin layer of lava rock on the bottom and around the edge, then filled the center with glass we bought at Menards. Looks fantastic. Just what my wife wanted.

This model seems to be offered at a very fair price. For example see the same item for sale “direct” at almost double the price: click here
In terms of function, I bought the round black metal model with glass beads instead of lava rocks a few months ago from woot. Have used pretty fequently to take the chill off the night when BBQ or doing other night activities. It was missing a cover and round centerpiece that woot admins said was included but I bought my own cover locally. At the decent discount in woot it was a fine deal not worth returning. Would definitely buy again and in fact considering getting this for the other yard.

Is there storage for the propane tank inside of this? If not… how long is the included tube to connect to the tank?

Any Idea on the size/type of fuel containers it takes? I’ve looked at similar models in stores, and while I would assume Propane, I could never tell what size tank it would take…

Got ours last night, as others have described, delivered on a palate. For the item itself, it is as described. A few minor chips on the exterior, but not enough to be worth repackaging for a return. Uses a standard propane tank which I purchased at Menards this AM. The lava rocks are meh, and I will probably go out and buy glass in the very near future. Have not fired it up yet. Tonight, hopefully it will fire up without the house exploding.

I do have plenty of concerns with Woot and communication regarding the shipping of this item. First, there was no shipping notice. Well, actually there was a Fed Ex number, however, it did not link to any product being shipped. So, after not hearing anything for 2 weeks, I contacted Woot. Then it is the usual mess with customer service. Send a message on Saturday, receive a response late Monday with a request for a purchase number (which I included in the original email). Reply on Monday, do not hear anything back. On Wednesday, I get a little yellow flyer in the mail from a freight company, saying they had an item and they had not been able to get a hold of me and to call them for delivery information, or it will be returned to the store in a few days. I immediately call and they said they were given a phone number, and I have not been answering. I have NO idea what phone number they were given, and they no longer had it, as the item was back on the truck to be returned to the shipper. Huh? What phone number was Woot giving out as I have never given them my phone number? Secondly, why was it already on the truck to be returned when I called 20 minutes after I received the postcard? Fortunately, they ran and pulled it off the truck. That same night I finally hear back from Woot telling me the item has been returned to them due to non-delivery. What a mess. Moral of the story, at least for me, this did not involve typical shipping, and be prepared for lack of communication from the Mother Ship. A heads up regarding the shipping method from Woot would have been nice, or here’s an idea, customer service responding in a timely manner to give me a heads up would be nice too. They still have not responded to my last email. Ah, I am wishing for the good old days of Woot…

Can someone tell me if the propane bottle fits under the table or is it external?


Fits under. Sets in a circular bracket and tightens with a wing nut.


Tonight is supposed to get chilly so we will fire this up but not sure it will be soon enough to post to leave enough of you an impression before the woot ends…

I too share the concern with the included lava rocks. Will most likely get some replacements or add to the set given… not a deal killer.

My shipment was also a little weird but not ngative. Got the FedEx ship notice that never resulted in any update. I just received an automated call confirming my address and the delivery date and time window. An unmarked white truck rolled up after a 30 min check in call from the driver. Knowing the unit weight … I totally understand.


Can anybody get a message through to woot support? I’ve sent two messages last week… nothing. I got my table a week and a half ago and the propane has a chunk taken out of the corner. Called the manufacturer and was told to email in a picture. Again, nothing.

I’m very sorry for the delay, I’ll check in with CS in my afternoon report and make sure you get taken care of ASAP.