Fireplaces: A Place For Fire

Anybody ever get one of these? My brain says I’ll burn my house down with napalm like gel.

Where are the Gel packs available? Is there any BTU rating, or are these only for show? How long do they burn for?

According to the product description for the SEI Loft Portable Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace, they’re 3,000 BTU each.

You can get them from Amazon for like 86 bucks for 24. It depends on how long they last I suppose but that seems really high to me.

Can someone put that into perspective? Can 3000 BTU heat a whole room? How close does my butt need to be for it to remove the chill out in my patio (assuming no breeze)?

Roughly 3400 BTU’s is the same as running a 1000 watt electric heater for one hour. Generally even small space heaters are 1000 watts.

1000 watts for one hour is one KWH for your power company. my power company charges 12 cents for that.

These fire places make me Gelly

Any word on how long a can of gel lasts?

Can you control how fast it burns?

For the Outdoor GreatRoom Fireplaces and table tops, you use single cans a real flame gel. The Inspiration fireplaces have 5,000 BTU rating.