Fireplaces: Add Fire To Your Life

Can your roast marshmallows on these? I do love me some s’mores.

Dimensions would be helpful.

Looks like 35" long based on same product at Home Depot

Click on the specs tab for each product description. The dimensions are there.

Size??? Width, length, height ?
Like to know where it will fit in the room

There’s a disconnect when using “Add Fire To Your Life” as a slogan for all fake fireplaces. Perhaps the W00t writers have fake lives?

Yep. Real fireplaces burn wood. Pretend fireplaces burn gas logs. These things don’t even rise to that level.

If a fire doesn’t change over the course of burning down, what’s the point?

I clicked through because I was sort of wondering how Woot was selling fireplaces, when typically a firebox is not something you want an inexperienced end-user installing. The absence of any actual fire in these “fireplaces” makes that make more sense.

“Fireplace Alt”

Nope, not for the only one I looked at last night - and I just checked, that info is still missing.

Was very easy to look up, as Woot provided the manufacturer and model number… Took 5 seconds to copy paste into browser