Firestone Rancho Santa Rosa Chardonnay Six Pack

Firestone Rancho Santa Rosa Chardonnay Six Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: White
Product: 6 Firestone Rancho Santa Rosa Chardonnay
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I’m back!

The vineyard and winery are not actually owned by the Firestone family anymore.

And another round of CONGRATULATIONS to Cesare and even more condolences for kttest! Time and date of funeral TBD. :tongue:

While I know that ‘sur lie’ mean on the lees…what does that mean in terms of wine fermentation and flavor?

EDIT: and don’t call me Shirley :wink:

Still trying to figure out how WD’s clue pertains to this offer …

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Anyone know if this is any good? Looking for some decent cheap wine to possibly be my first wine woot. I’m not expecting it to be great just decent for the price. What do you all think?

this is a scary good deal.

If you’re wondering where Rancho Santa Rosa is:
(as stated in the winery description, Foley now owns Firestone.)

I keep thinking I’d like to do this (I’m in the middle of some of Washington State’s best wineries, after all), but I’m not sure where to start. Are they suggestions posted somewhere? Is there already a group in Eastern Washington (preferably Mid Columbia)?

Lowest price on wine searcher was $18.39 per bottle. It’s almost like buy 2 get 4 free.

OK, this is really a reach. In the “Dukes of Hazzard” TV show, the “General Lee” had Firestone tires, as mentioned in this article, as in Firestone 12.2X32X15-inch rear slicks. The show also featured Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke.

I really can’t believe this is where WD’s hint plans had intended to lead us, but who knows??

Back to the wine, this sounds like a pretty good deal. I’d like to hear more about it and how it would compare to other chards we may know.

The connection to Foley makes sense since we’ve had a previous Foley WineWoot a few years back.

Someone talk me out of this please.

Unless of course it would make good Christmas presents… I can’t wait to hear what people think.

In for one… this kind of crazy value feels like the wine.woot I used to know.

This is a no-brainer buy for the Christmas party season. Only question is… is one enough?

I think sur lies is typically associated with fermentation in the barrel and allowing the wine to remain in contact with the dead yeast and other remnants of the alcoholic fermentation while aging in barrel. This gives a Chard rich, creamy perhaps even buttery mouthfeel.

Well, this appears to be the buttery style Chard. 100% malolactic fermentation, and barrel aged sur lies. If this is your style, I don’t think you’ll get a better value. Santa Rita Hills is a great region for Chardonnay. So the raw materials should be very good.

This sounds like it could be over the top if you want a fresher, more fruit driven white wine, though.

IIRC, back when Firestone was still run by Firestones, a Firestone was the bachelor on a reality show of the same name. But I really think you deserve an A for effort right now.

With due deference to the winery reps who will no doubt correct me :slight_smile:

Sur lie aging has little to do with fermentation as far as I understand: lees is the leftovers from the yeast that did the initial fermentation. The dead cells. Yummy, huh?

But aging sur lie makes a great difference in the flavors and textures gained when the wine’s just sittin’ around, drawing up flavors from stuff in contact with the liquid. In this case, you’re looking for some textures described as, e.g., ‘full body’, ‘round’, ‘creamy’ – all part and parcel of the 100% malolactic fermentation mentioned in the description, as well as from barrel aging. But the lees boost those things, plus I find flavors like toast, crackers, and biscuits to come out of lees. Hardly a surprise given the yeast connection, eh?

Another fun word to look for is “battonage”, which is French for “sticking”. Like “hitting with a stick”. Kinda :slight_smile: Battonage is stirring up those lees so the surface area in contact with the wine is much greater than if the lees were just allowed to settle, hence greater influence of the lees.

Nallie wins again. No monkey this time, tho.