Firestone Vineyard Red Trio

Firestone Vineyard Red Trio
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red – (what a boring description!!)
1 Firestone Vineyard 2003 Merlot Santa Ynez Valley
1 Firestone Vineyard 2003 Merlot Reserve Santa Ynez Valley
1 Firestone Vineyard 2004 Syrah Santa Ynez Valley

Good reds?

Ive never heard of firestone

Two Merlots and a Syrah.

Sounds like a movie.

That Riesling better be in next week.

guess im just taking to myself cause everyone else is asleap

All right, no-prize contest time! Come up with some good descriptions, and we’ll rotate 'em in in future weeks. (PS, check out my new black blox!)

Looks interesting.

Here is the Firestone Web site

Need to dig a little deeper.

WineDavid – can we have more Petite at some point in the not-too-distant future?

I’m promising to buy 3 right now.

No tasting notes in CT. I’m going to bed now :slight_smile:

I so used to the ‘witty’ descriptions that when I see “Red” it makes my heart shed a tear.

How about Merlotious? Syrrific? Fire-engine Red?

no reviews on cellar tracker. lots of stuff on their cabs…

that was two weeks ago =P

I second that!

condition: sip sip syrahhhh!

condition: tire smoking red

Having been there I’m going to have to agree with the general comments on Cellar Tracker, passing for this week…

Nice deal price wise though. $29 & $35 for the Merlots, $18 for the Syrah on the Firestone website.

Well in this case, we could do…
Tarry (there’s some of that both on the road and possibly in the Syrah)

The 2003 Merlot gets an 86 from WE. The 2003 Syrah (no 2004) an 83. Most recent rating for the Reserve Merlot is a 90 for the 2001.

The Reserve Merlot sells for $29 direct from Firestone. The Syrah for $18. Looks like the “plain” Merlot is only available as part of the “Merlot Chocolate Lover’s Basket” (at the winery, at least). Sounds yummy.

$44.99 looks like a good deal, especially if you’re out east.

Oh, and Firestone makes “Jarhead Red” :slight_smile:

Keep in mind they probably do want people to buy the wine, too. :slight_smile: