FireWire 6-Pack Flexible Grilling Skewers

**Item: **FireWire 6-Pack Flexible Grilling Skewers
Price: $12.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Here are some good reviews from Amazon users

We love these. Picked some up at Bed Bath & Beyond; I think they were two for $10, so I spent $20 of four, all together. That’s $5 each. This deal is 6 for $13 - that’s $2.17 a piece. Picked up some more around Father’s Day when they were on Woot - and now dad loves them, too. (-:

Big fan of these. You can skewer items, then drop them into ziploc bag to marinate easily. Also, they are dishwashable like a boss.

Two design flaws can be easily overcome. (1) some food items will rotate when you turn the skewers over, when wooden skewers would likely keep things in place; just keep an eye on this and use tongs to rotate the offending items. (2) Meat and fish go onto the skewer end that you normally keep off the grill; then the cooked items have to pass through that part of the skewer where the raw items passed. Workaround? Just put that part of the skewer on the grill at first. After it heats up and burns off the raw juices, drape it off the side of the grill and it will cool off quickly enough.

I bought a set of these skewers here on Woot some time ago because they appeared to be a super idea. In practice, they just DO NOT WORK!! Think about how one is to perform the task of rotating the string of food to the fire so that each morsel of food gets equal heat and fire…IMPOSSIBLE! What you end up with is a bunch of food which is part undercooked and part burned. Now if you like your food cooked in this fashion, you’re in business…but many of us do not.

Now you are left with the prospect of finding another use for these steel cables to make yourself feel that you haven’t wasted your money. Save your effort, as there is no other use for them.

Interesting that they were more expensive when I bought these on the Woot-Off yesterday.

I got the firewire skewers in a previous wootoff and i absolutely love them. yes you do have to be aware that some foodstuffs may not rotate but thats easy to fix. You can seriously put a ton of goodies on each skewer and we were impressed! Yes they are dishwasher safe, but i’d recommend that you soak them in the sink after grilling before tossing in the dishwasher…helps to soften the crispy goodness left on them.

I just use a square ‘wok thing with holes in it’ for veggies. I really like to separate the meats and veggies, cooking them separately anyway. Spray it with a little Pam and cook away…

Sorry about that. You’ll be seeing the difference flying back to you soonish.

Thank you very much!!!