Firm Fitness For fYoga Folks!

Holidays are getting stressful already - good thing we’ve got some yoga supplies here! Yoga fans, tell us about these supplies - or ask us all your questions below.

My only question is why you aren’t selling the awesome bag for the yoga mats in the picture.

fYoga…? I don’t know what fYoga is, but I like yoga. :slight_smile:

Came in for the fancy bag as well since it’s on my better half’s wish list, but, alas…

I wonder about the size of the Cardio Gloves,will they fit a man? Yes I know they are pink but I don’t plan of wearing them at the mall.

What is the point of a 5 lb. kettlebell? Hard to get any benefit from swinging it when it is that light.

Sometimes we get the photo just the way we want it and the inventory doesn’t arrive in time for the sale. DAG NABBIT!

The bag in the picture has a small black something to the right of the zipper. What is it? Is it for headphones or tubing from a water bladder?

Checked with the buyer. We didn’t get samples so he can’t try it on for you. All we have from the vendor is one size fits all.

He did find this review on Amazon:
This is a fun work out but the gloves are very loose. Gloves seem to be made for people with big hands.

But then there’s this one on Walmart:
…My wrist measurements always puts me in the small frame category so I was surprised when I had to struggle to get the gloves on - there is no stretch to it…

So, looks like it’s a coin flip.

Thanks for the follow up.

Any idea if there is a weight limit for the stability balls? I looked around a bit on the internet, but didn’t see anything.

Dear marketer people,
Yoga is great for everyone. Stop making yoga stuff in girly colors. Or at least offer neutral-colored stuff.

Dude who likes yoga

I second that!

Dudette who likes yoga (and isn’t into pink, purple, flowers, swirls, and so on)

From Gaim’s website: Size Small (55cm) for heights 5’0" x 5’5"

Size Medium (55cm) for heights 5’6" x 5’11"

Size Large (75cm) for heights 6’0" x 6’3"

Hope that helps.

I have this 5 lb. kettlebell and DVD set, which I bought assuming it would help me learn some basic KB exercises. Since I’d never trained with KBs, I wanted to start with a low weight to get the moves down. The DVD wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it did turn out to be a decent cardio workout even with the tiny bell.

I Got one of these and gave it to my wife for christmas, but it’s missing the plug to keep it inflated! Anyone else have an issue with parts missing?

Well goodness, that’s not helpful! Please feel free to contact the manufacturer and tell them you need a replacement asap.

Keep us posted! :slight_smile: