Firman P08003 8000/10000 Watt Generator

The Firman website [ ] is “bare bones” / “under construction.” I haven’t been able to locate any user reviews/comments. The warranty mentions “… 8,700 authorized service centers in your area … " but there’s no way to see specific locations …” and I don’t want to think about paying shipping for a 200+ pound item. I’m very reluctant. More information might get me to order, but without it, there’s no way. Caveat emptor!!!

I’m guessing the 1hr run time on 8gals of fuel is a typo, considering the 5000/5700 rated generator runs for 13hrs on the same amount of fuel.

Looks like they’re out of Arizona. Only a few of their generators have a handful of reviews but all between 4 and 5 stars on Amazon

According to the catalog from their website, this generator has 12hr run time at 50% load

ETA, parent company appears to be Sumec

I had the same thought.

I’d like to be able to use this to run my welder at my (unimproved) land, but I’d need a stable power source to do that.

Anyone know what the THD on this is? I couldn’t find a reference.

I’m not staff, but a quick perusal through Google didn’t yield anything here either.

With that said, if it’s an inverter-based welder, that needs the cleaner power – less than 5% THD max – which I would guess that a manufacturer would publish if their generator was that low.

If your welder is an older transformer based one, you’ll probably be fine with any suitably rated generator. Those should be able to handle the noise/fluctuations.

(ETA: Good that you’re doing the homework. As everyone’s needs are different, anyone considering a generator should be doing the same research too into whether this is suitable for their needs or not.)