First Act 5-Pad Digital Drum Set

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First Act 5-Pad Digital Drum Set
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Wonder how this baby handles some Phil Collins…

Does a Digital Drum Set playing monkey come included?

Will these make my neighbors hate me less?

Will I ever use this. It seems like a great deal, or something to take up closet space.

I wonder if the sound is cheap and tinny?

If these had midi I would advise buying 3… That way you could use a midiman and a laptop then add a bunch of extra noises to your kit in a very affordable way.

Without midi = useless

Does this seriously not plug in? It’s batteries only?

Okay, the headphones for quiet play and practice sold me. A gift for my son!

Here is a PDF of the user manual.

It’s worth noting that this is just a toy and will not allow you to play drums. It will not teach your child to play drums. It will make electronic almost-drum-like noises to annoy you, that is all.

And First Act is the company that sued a large music store chain into the toilet for daring to suggest that its “instruments” were not up to par, when teachers all over the place were saying exactly that.

Amazon sells these for 4X this price , and they get good reviews.


This looks like a great deal, $49.99 on Amazon. Reviews are varied. I’m in for one for the kids

There’s no such thing as quiet play with these, you’ll still hear the equivalent of very loud tapping as wood hits plastic.

Takes AA batts? That’s sorta inconvenient for around the house. I suppose if you plan on playing it outdoors it makes sense. Good for pan handling, I reckon.

It has a headphone output so you can probably use better speakers and maybe even a subwoofer to make it not sound tinny.

I bought one of these 2 black fridays ago. They’re horrible! Such cheap sounds and the material makes the sound of the wood hitting the plastic louder than the actual sound it makes.

Here’s a video of the nerd king reviewing this.