First Alert 8 Camera DVR Security System

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First Alert 8 Camera DVR Security System
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Hang on…how can specs on cameras say CCD and CMOS? I always thought it was one or another with the latter being the inferior technology. Anyone?

[MOD: CMOS. The reference to CCD has been removed. Thanks!]

Every time I see these camera systems pop up, I worry that paranoia is huge problem in the woot-sphere.

Wired cameras? How 20th century

Wireless would be nice, but you still have to run the power to the camera, and the wireless connection never seems to stay up without occasional fiddling. As long as you run the power, might as well include the ethernet cable and be done with it.

I feel like I’m being watched.

A video of it spinning around, if that’s what you’re into…

Are you able to remotely view your system? Where are the apps for this?

Hmmm…I’ve bought so much stuff on Woot lately that maybe I need these security camera’s so I can watch over my ever growing Woot empire.

Pardon my ignorance, but I don’t seem capabale to find on my own if images are colored or black & white & 50 shades of gray?

Not in every case. There are plenty of ‘older’ houses that don’t have data jacks on every wall of every room. So for them, the presence of power doesn’t always mean the presence of internet. I put up a wired version in my house and was always bothered by the maze of RCAs & Ethernets. When I do it again, it will be wireless.

Thanks for the save.

I thought the same thing.
Also, is this a 1/4 or 1/3 sensor?

wow bad review…

Notice how the specs do NOT say that the focus of the cameras is adjustable? My cameras came set to some random distance and there’s no way 'round that. I tried the system briefly with a real camera with a good lens and a focus knob and that actually produces a good image. But these cameras, not so much . . .

The features suggest PTV functionality, and although the DVR will support it, I think these are fixed position, fixed focus standard analog cameras that are included,

Is The Video Format Windows Compatible So Video Can Be Clipped And Edited ???
I Have A Paranormal Research Group And If It Is , This Would Work Great For Evidence Reviewing And Sharing…

Yes you’re right!

Use WiFi on the net so I can watch your cameras too!