First Alert 8CH/8Cam DVR Security System



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First Alert 8CH/8Cam DVR Security System
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Seriously!? Another security system? How paranoid are you?


Lawd, please buy these up!


I’ve been needing some extra security in my bathroom, in for 3!


I need to get another home so I can have something else to conduct surveillance on


Some peeps have stuff they cant keep an eye on when they are gone at work during the day, or on vacation. Expensive stuff…
No need to be negative and call people paranoid.


Offer something different. Something new!!!


Awwww c’mon Wootsie. Can I see something new?


The ex says she never comes by the house when I am not home. If not where is my stuff then?? Stuff slowly disappears.
Now I can catch her. She would look a lot better with vertical lines in front of her…


I sure hope the one I bought yesterday for $50 more is the better deal, but these cameras have 15 more feet of cable apiece, dammit.


This one also has twice as much hard drive space.


I can think of little more practical than a security camera system at the end of the world (to record what happened for posterity). Everyone should buy three!


I think he was just making a jab at Woot since they keep posting the same kind off stuff over and over. I think cameras are way better than alarm systems, they’re not annoying and you actually have the identity of whoever’s trying to jack your stuff. Now everyone buy 3 of these.


ohh, my bad. thanks!


This one doesn’t hide the cable inside the cam housing (can be cut easily). Not sure about yesterday’s.


I believe it was the same way.




Will these work in the bathroom at Starbucks?


I always thought it would be cool to have one of these in my home to keep an eye on my pets, but then I’m reminded how much it sucks to run cable through a house and I lose interest. Good news for me is that Woot! has these on sale once a week instead of bringing us new and exciting products, so I can buy it at any point.