First Alert Digital Wireless Baby Monitor with Night Vision

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First Alert Digital Wireless Baby Monitor with Night Vision
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 First Alert D545B Digital Wireless Rechargeable Baby Monitor w/ LCD Receiver and Night Vision

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Looks like Hal, and would seem to scare the crap out of a kid.

I would be frightened to see that image instead of my baby on my monitor!

i hope people only use these for monitoring babies!

night vision baby monitor? hmm… could this be turned into a webcam, perchance?

I dunno, these video baby monitors are cool…but are babies really worth that much?

Because I really want Hal watching my baby at night… :S

Am I the only one that zoomed in to look at the camera guy’s reflection?

can these be used in the women’s locker room at the gym?

Maybe you could hack this into the weather system sold yesterday and make yourself into a storm-watcher extraordinaire!

Just remember to put the right part in the right room, unless you don’t want to have the “birds and the bees” talk of course…

that simulated image on the screen is providing some very freaky monitoring of a whole different kind of “baby talk” and activities…yikes.

The night vision in this unit isn’t very advanced. Don’t expect good quality. Night vision that would actually work would cost about 10 times as much as this product.

I have a video baby monitor and it is also 2.4 ghz, but let me tell you that the interference they experience is somewhat distracting and makes it a little hard to focus on the baby in the monitor. I had to turn mine all the way down to eliminate the static pops and hisses to see the baby, and the lines through the video were a little distracting, but I was still able to use it and it did help.

I have computers and other electronics, including a wireless router, and no matter what I shut off, the interference between the walls stayed no matter what, and the two rooms are only about 20+ feet apart with only a couple of walls between them…

If you NEED it, then go for it, but if you think that this will give you a clear crisp picture and audio, you are mistaken. If you can live with it, then the peace of mind of looking at the baby asleep on the monitor really is worth it, but if you want to sleep while the audio is on, you’ll probably have to turn it WAY down.

Good luck!

Nope. It it a wireless Spread spectrum encrypted signal which will not easily connect to your pc. Why would you want to anyway???

Tell Erin Andrews to watch out for one of these things lurking in the corners of the room.

Is there any way to get the video output into a computer? Also, is there any way to extend the range using wi-fi technology?

Thanks alot! Was considering this, but I’ve already got an audio monitor so I think I’ll pass if the video isn’t going to be that great.