First Alert Home Fire Extinguisher 2-Pack

First Alert Home Fire Extinguisher 2-Pack

So where does one go to get fire extinguishers recharged?

That’s a helpful link. “Look in the Yellow Pages or search Google”.

EDIT: The link, now deleted.

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Woot fallen so far… Lowe’s has a better price on a 2 pack then you.

[MOD: The one that’s out of stock?]

Around here there are a couple fire alarm companies who also carry out inspections on and recharging of fire extinguishers.

So, same as last time this deal came up: is it in stock?

The two pack is nowhere in my area and would cost a ton to ship.

Wow, not a deal at all? $29.97 for a comparable product in stock at my local Home Depot.

[MOD: Those are non-rechargeable. Ours are rechargeable.]


Do they last forever or need to be recharged after a certain number of years? I figured recharge was only needed after use.

My Home Depot has a Kidde 2-pack NON-rechargeable for $29.97.

The question is how are they pressurized. The big gauge on the handle should indicate either pressure or contents remaining; if they are pressurized with gas (often CO2) that will LEAK (slowly) over time, and if you use one to put out a fire, it will not only need more gas, but more of the powder it sprays… I seem to remember (you’d want to call and check) that many fire departments are set up to refill these… they could tell you who can if they can’t, and costs etc…

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True, rechargeable is worth something, but not to me. My fire extinguisher sits in my kitchen unused for 20 years then I realize I need a new one. Are you putting out a fire every week? Then you need to recharge, or perhaps consider ordering takeout.


Not checking your safety equipment for 20 years? Sounds like you’re the one who should be ordering takeout.


There is a huge difference between unused and unchecked, but you knew that.


Not so far. It’s easy to have the lowest price when you’re out of stock.


Wow! Non-rechargeable. Ours is rechargeable.


Q: How long do fire extinguishers last?

You’ll want to check the date of manufacture before use to make sure the fire extinguisher is still functional. Most fire extinguishers need to be refilled or refurbished every 5-6 years. Take the time to check your fire extinguishers on a monthly basis in case you need to use it unexpectedly. The last thing you want is to try to use a fire extinguisher that is not in working order!

First Alert

For the most commonly used ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher, internal inspection and recharging is required at six and twelve years from the manufacture date. This date will be notated on the extinguisher. These inspections are important, even if the extinguisher has never been used. Please check the NFPA 10 code and the manufacturer’s service guidelines for the periodic internal examination and recharging requirements.



That’s a good price but being ‘rechargeable’ isn’t really a good selling feature. It would cost more to have one of these recharged than to just buy a new one. Even a small extinguisher like this would cost $20 or more to have recharged.


Ok guys, I’m going for it I think anything is better than none…fingers crossed


Seems like the Fire Department would recharge these free.

There are companies that recharge fire extinguishers. You can Google places in your area to find them. That’s what I just did. I didn’t even know such things existed.


My Lowes has them instock at 29.98 as a rechargeable 2 pack.

We recharge and/or replace our extinguishers at work and it’s $60 for the company we use to come out to do the legally required inspection, then additional per item that needs replacing/recharging. Annually, it costs us about $200 per year to maintain 11 extinguishers.

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