First Alert Home Fire Extinguisher 2-Pack

I was so happy to find a pair of these, refillable, at this price point and in stock! A home can never have enough of these, and we also have a houseboat and other boats and these are Coast Guard approved. What a bargain!!! THANKS, WOOT! :purple_heart:


w00t :unamused:

Generally speaking, if something is designed as non-disposable (in this case rechargeable) it has better components in it. I am guessing that this is a better-built unit than the non-rechargeable ones that are the same price if you have prime. So I can save 3 cents on two or get ones that are likely better built. I’m going with this deal over saving 3 cents, but that’s just my opinion.


Huh. There are 5 at the Lowe’s 3 miles from my house.

Good deal. My Lowe’s doesn’t have these in stock. $109 for truck delivery. The closest deal is Harbor Freight has a 1 pack Home1 for $19.99 and when you can use the Inside Track 30% off $20 or less, it comes down to $14. But that’s if, if, if… So I’m in for one set.


To the complainers puffing up that they can get them at their Lowes: wonderful, but not everyone here lives with you, and these are not universally available in store. Many regions, such as mine, they cannot be had save for a $100+ delivery fee, and that has been the case for months.

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I’m about to move from a 10-yr-old house into a 117-yr-old house, so these can’t be a bad idea. In for a pair. (They aren’t in stock at my Lowe’s either). Thanks Woot!

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I purchased this set from Woot several months back. I put them in our travel trailer as these are MUCH better than the cheap tiny extinguisher that came with it.

For those asking, most fire departments won’t recharge an extinguisher any more. It’s a liability issue unless they want to establish their own shop, purchase all the necessary tools, and get their people licensed. A few still may have all of that, but for the vast majority of departments it is not money they are willing to spend or a liability they are willing to accept.

As for the “how long these will last” and “do they need to be inspected” questions: Commercial grade extinguishers are typically visually inspected every year (for damage and gauge reading), weighed and checked every 5-6 years (usually inverted and tapped with a rubber mallet to loosen the agent inside), and completely disassembled, serviced and refilled every 10-12 years (new agent, new gauge, new hose, new O-rings, new propellent, and a hydrostatic test if required). Of course this varies based on jurisdiction and who is enforcing it.

There are few or no requirements like those above for home (consumer grade) extinguishers. The homeowner takes on all of the liability him/herself. I don’t think you even get a break on your home insurance for having one of these in your house (maybe a few bucks per year, tops).

While it is true that yours are rechargeable, it’s really not that big of a value added. I live in North Jersey where there are lots of stores and industry and it is incredibly hard to find places that will recharge these. Plus, it’s not exactly cheap. For most people, it will be more cost efficient to just buy new ones. I’ve found it really only makes fiscal sense to recharge larger extinguishers. In other words, at least 5lbs.

Not all do. Ive lived in two towns in the last 8 years and neither one offered that service for free or for money. They referred me to private companies only one of which offered the service and at a price that wasn’t cost effective.

Honestly, these are kinda small for a house. I would probably invest in something larger. I keep this size in my cars. This will be fine if your toaster oven flairs up, but I would want something more robust for a larger fire.

Damn this thing is blowing up, well I happen to be at Lowes buying flowers and they do have these in my local store for technically less but for a lot of people there might not be a Lowes by them or their store might be out of stock.

I got to say these are not all that big but would be good for in the car or in a boat. For a house, ehhh not so sure unless you had two right next to each other which conveniently they are sold as a two pack.

Edit:. I bought two, two packs my Lowes had and just ordered one from here. That will give me two per floor in my home

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For you Costco kids, they have a much larger one 3A:40BC on sale for $25. And for you guys who care, it is rechargeable.

Where do you see that? I’m on Costco’s site and only see 4 models on offer and none for that price

Edit:. I see it’s in warehouse only and you have to buy two for $50 making them $25 each. Yeah they are twice the size but if your getting them shipped then it’s 60 for two

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I just bought one in warehouse yesterday for $25. Didn’t have to buy two.

Yeah but come on won’t. They will back in stock be fore you guys get them shipped. Stop taking lessons from the USPS. :nerd_face:

This would mean more if Woot wasn’t a daily deals site that is currently out of stock.

They’ve not been in stock at my Lowe’s for months now. Next.

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Both of my fire extinguishers arrived with smashed mounting brackets, probably because they were shipped in a completely unpadded plastic bag (also shipped unmarked/without proper Hazmat warnings).

I contacted customer service, I let them know that I checked with UPS, and that these would need to be shipped back properly padded and marked as Hazmat, and so instead asked if I could just get a “sorry” coupon to help compensate for needing to purchase aftermarket brackets on Amazon (I can get 2 of them for about $15).
They said I needed to send pictures (never had that before).
So I sent the pictures of the smashed brackets.

Then they came back and said they can’t do a coupon and that I just need to return the items.
The return label is still not appropriate for a Hazmat return.

I’m not sure what to do at this point…?

Surely a return is going to cost a lot more (time/money/hassle) then a “sorry” coupon?

Check your email.

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