First Alert Onelink Talking Smoke Alarm - 2 Pack Woot Info Post is Chuck Norris APPROVED!!1

First Alert Onelink Talking Smoke Alarm - 2 Pack [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

2 * First Alert SA511CN2-3ST One Link Voice Smoke Detector

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I had this idea 15 years ago.

Great… one more talking electronic item in my house. I already have a wife and kids that talk my ear off enough.

It warns that there is a fire in the kitchen. How does it know where your ktchen is??

They say get out or your gonna die!

Electronic wife and kids? Cool!

A good $30 in savings before shipping (assuming you’re not enrolled in Prime):

I see it says “do not paint,” what happens if I paint it?

How far away can these be from each other? (One in the shed, one in the house?)

We have these and like them. I think there was a battery problem or something on some batches discussed previously, but we have had no such problems. There is something a bit weird/comforting about your 2nd floor detector telling you there is carbon monoxide above limit in the basement. Colonel Mustard is in the Library, etc

What kind of voice is it that talks to you and more importantly, can I get it in British Female?

Another question: How do you make sure that your neighbors units do not set your units off?

Will it remind me of the propper “stop, drop, and roll” procedure?

My friend had one of her smoke detectors fail last week. Because hers are linked like these, the one that was false alarming caused the rest to alarm too. So this link-up technology is a two-edged sword.

• Not a good deal at all •

Walmart has the combo smoke alarm AND carbon monoxide version for only 29.99, so 2 would be 59.98 - a penny cheaper - and they also are able to detect carbon monoxide which the Woot version does not! Plus you get FREE ship to store. Even if they don’t talk to each other wirelessly, they still offer twice the protection.

In this case, I would skip a 2-fer anyway because you have to buy in 2’s and 4’s when you might really need just 3 of them - and why pay more?

Do these detect Carbon Monoxide as well?

Hopefully, when it talks, it talks about fire.