First Alert ONELINK Wireless Smoke Alarm 2-Pack

I don’t smoke.

This write up made me test my smoke alarms…

Product website


I came up with this idea about 20 years ago. Took some steps toward getting a patent, but didn’t follow through. I’m surprised it took them this long.

I’m so glad these arrive by Christmas, 'cause this is exactly what I’m going to get my girlfriend!

Can these be used as wi-fi hotspots?

How long can the batteries last when they’re fully charged?

And does this tell you if the batteries are low?

I started humming “The Apprentice” theme song. Fii-iii-ire… bum bum bum bum

Oh thank heavens they’ll get here in time for Christmas! Now when the tree bursts aflame, we’ll all be saved.

I need one by my bed that beeps to let me know when the other one beeps

Ordering these for April 1st.

Place one under your victims pillow.
Place one in your left hand.
Place a lighter in your right hand.

the kids are going to LOVE these stocking stuffer. they have been begging me to get fire alarms in their rooms, but i just keep telling them “they are only for the grownups” i can’t WAIT to see their faces.

This is a photoelectric rather than ionization detector. Wont make a difference to most people, but if you know what type of risks you will have in a room, it is worth choosing the right one.

Photoelectric is better for ‘smokey’ fires, ionization for quick burning flames.

First Alert’s One Link Smoke Alarm two pack explanation and un-boxing video

not the same product. amzn website has the CO alarm too

ditto… found out, I need new batteries…

Thank you woot!

The Amazon link is for a different model, with a CO alarm as well. This one is just for smoke. The reviews for the higher priced one are mixed.

Oh, these are cool! They tell you when your house is on fire!

Wow a lot cheaper than Newegg.

In something this critical i would be using Lithium batteries which have a shelf life of 10 years and in a smoke alarm you can easily keep them in there half that without worrying unless you have a lot of false alarms.

Lithium Batteries all the way for smoke alarms, mine is wired into the house with battery backup.