First Alert ONELINK Wireless Smoke Alarm 2-Pack

No vivid pink, no deal.

Does the site keep crashing for everyone else?

Yes it does! Grrrr…


Does this detect carbon monoxide?

Yes, I thought that it was a surprise early bag of crap.

It crashed once for me, right after the Upscaling DVD Player, but not since.

this site is crashing, my computer is about to crash… the whole day is going to hell in a handbasket…

ohhh UB40 is on… it’s getting better :slight_smile:

Does this thing tweet when your house is on fire?

Did I miss a bag of crap? Site locked up!

Woot. Please fix your servers.


yes, every time I refresh

Wow, I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to this site when a bag-o-carp shows up…

Slow down on th F5 pushes people!

aren’t all smoke detectors “wireless”?

Woot site is going down more than a prostitute

YEP…glad I’m not the only one experiencing issues!

Yes! This does not bode well for my chances with the BOC when it finally makes an appearance…

Good, I thought it was my work, because the woot-off always pulls down our productivity and they blocked the site, but I’m glad its up and good right now!!!

Bring on the Big Ole Carrot!