First Alert ONELINK Wireless Smoke Alarm - 2 Pack

First… Alert

It’s “wireless…” does it tweet?

got 2 sets of these off woot last time around…
amazingly loud.


I hate smoke alarms. I’d rather DIAF than listen to that awful racket.

just what i was looking for for my wife, kitchen timers.

Buy these, and stick them right above friends stove tops.

Dont tell them its there.

I promise it’ll be great

It says no hard wiring needed - but most homes of newer construction these days have them hard-wired in addition to batteries.

Do these have the capability of being hard-wired?

Yes! Because Woot! shoppers are typically in the process of building a house and need smoke alarms.

I would love to see a refurbished smoke alarm…maybe repaired due to smoke damage…

That screeching sound wasn’t the First Alert ONELINK Wireless Smoke Alarm, it was the brakes on this Woot-Off!

Have i missed the Big O’ Cosmos?

Is this the first 2-for of the woot-off? We always start woot-offs on Tuesdays but seem to almost never have any 2-fors in them…

Of course, one wireless smoke detector isn’t very useful, but that’s beside the point.


Time to check your smoke alarms!

Bought these a while back… Work great, easy setup.

yeah, there are either 10 sets or 100…i’m guessing 100

Darn Woot, I need smokeless wire detectors.

Two questions: How long does the battery last in them and how many can you have in a home?

My wife and I bought a home recently and are looking at replacing the smoke detectors and adding a few new ones.

Woot-off killer…? Perhaps