First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher (2-Pack)

First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher (2-Pack)

YMMV, but in Tennessee they’re $17.97 each at Lowe’s. So two would be a bit cheaper at $35.94.


Same at Lowes in Western NC !
This is not a deal !
I’m staring to notice that Woot’s deals are not really deals, but people still pay the same or more here !

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Same in most Lowe’s and Target stores around Atlanta. $35 for two.


These are new. :slight_smile:

I agree! Checking prices shows Woot deals are not deals at all or the items are listed as fewer stars on Amazon. They must think we’re really stupid.

As best as we can tell Lowe’s is in store only. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

‘In store only’

So ?!….It’s still cheaper than this non deal here !I
If ya look around, I’ve found lower prices than Woot’s supposed deals !
The non deals here are happening with greater frequency so
it pays to look around and price check !

So part of the issue is that some of these stores have regional pricing, so what you see as the price for the item in Atlanta will be different for something like say, Maine or Texas. They probably don’t have the staff to search every single website and then sign onto a VPN for every location Lowes is located at to find the prices for each item.

That’s kinda ridiculous to expect them to.

On a side note @thunderthighs my Lowes offers delivery for this item. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that offer is different from store to store.

What do ya mean sign in with a VPN ?
Why the hell would they have to do that ?
You’re making a bogus argument !..The fact I, and others, are noticing,…there are too many
Non-Deal deals here at Woot !
For a site that’s supposed to be giving deals, you can sure find prices cheaper elsewhere, if ya just
do a small amount of research !
Like the 20v DEWALT 20 Volt 1/4 3 Speed Lithium Ion Impact Driver offered today,……. it’s $80 cheaper than here, because it comes with the battery and charger, and FREE SHIPPING to Boston if I want it, and that’s from the store in Asheville, NC !

I’m not. Hardware store prices are competitive based on location.

I’m saying that while it might be cheap for you in your location, in another location it will have a different price.

Sir, I wold like to get notified when these items return on sale . Appreciate your notification, thank you kindly