First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher (2-Pack)

First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher (2-Pack)

These can be used/mounted on a boat for marine use.
Marine Type, U.S.C.G. Type B:C, Size I
U.S.C.G. Approval Number 162.028/EX3622
Valid only with Bracket Number P87-0340
or Bracket Number B70-0161 and Strap Number S70-0007.
Bracket included.

These are available daily for less at Lowes. Come on Woot, where’s the “deal”


It doesn’t look like these can be shipped though from Lowes. If you wanted that fire extinguisher, you would have to go to the store, or pay a high fee for a “Truck Delivery.”

Where would one take these things to have them recharged and how often would that have to be done?

LOL this was in the manual:
This fire extinguisher is rechargeable by a certified fire equipment
dealer, regardless of how much of the content was used.
Once a year, a certified fire equipment dealer, in accordance with the
service manual identified on the fire extinguisher label, should service
the fire extinguisher. Please refer to your local telephone directory for a
certified dealer.”



1992 called. It wants its manual back.

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NOTICE there is NO picture of the “mounting bracket” or strap.
What do we get???

I was leaving Lowes but still in the parking lot when I saw this posted on slickdeals. I walked back in and bought two. Come on Woot, you can do better!

Right…but since I can’t get lumber, plants, etc from Woot, I’ll just grab one or two from Lowes when I’m there anyways. If you have a Lowe’s near you, these are NOT a bargain