First Alert Wireless Weather Station with Remote RF Temperature Transmitter



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

First Alert Wireless Weather Station with Remote RF Temperature Transmitter
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 First Alert Wireless Weather Station with Remote RF Temperature Transmitter - FWS-101


Got something like this (that looked nicer) at Brookstone for $15 (and didn’t have to pay shipping, obviously).


Ok, so the resolution is 0.1°… but what’s the accuracy? Not very useful to know the temperature down to the tenth if it could be off by a few degrees.


So - does this thing handle the new Daylight Savings Time transitions? I’m really annoyed this year as to how many gadgets I’m going to have to deal with manually for DST.


Maybe cause it’s the weekend but i’m confused to what someone would need/want this woot. Will it call for medical help when it gets to hot to prevent death ?

IMO worst woot of 07


at least this was a weekend item when i was ALREADY up rather than waiting up…if i wanted the weather i would use the internet like i am using now…or last resort i could step outside…


I have always wanted one of these. Too bad I busted my bank account on recent woots. Guess I’ll just stick my hand out the window.


i got something like this for 10$


Yeah…not so much. For that price, I snagged those sweet Razer headphones…and if i’m gonna get a weather station, it better predict the weather for me…


It’s called a weather station, but it only tells the temperature. That would make it a thermometer.


bit pricey for me but grandparents love this kind of “technology”. Goes well with the singing bird clock and the talking fish plaque


WHAT??? New Daylight Savings Time???


Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up…

Sorry wrong product. Will it alert me when the tornado is about to hit?!


First alert… I can find the temp easier on my mac =D


this is definitely a first for me. sorry woot, even though it is new and not a refurb, i’m going to have to pass tonight. i thought i didn’t have any use for the thousands of roombas you keep selling, but i really have no use for a weather station.


In for two. Mine just died. Paid alot more for the old one.


for 19.99 at any store you can get the wall clock that has a Temp. transmitter and at least it serves a doulbe purpose.


This isn’t a weather station. It is a clock with remote thermometer. Please woot, if you sell us a weather station, provide one with barometer and humidity at least. This would be as useful as looking at the snow out across the porch.


These are really useful if you don’t already have one. They used to go for $20-40 and I was glad to find one (about 10 years ago) for $24.99 at Radio Shack. But now, these things are a dime-a-dozen (no, maybe a bit more than that, but…). I’ve seen all sorts of deals on things like this, or for a few bucks more, you can get ones that actually give you more weather info (because, as a previous poster mentioned … this is really just a thermometer.)

So instead of getting this, go to wine.woot and buy some good wine (which happens to come out to about $12.99 a bottle, co-incidentally.)