First entry.

So, I’ve just submitted my first every Derby entry and was hoping for some feedback. Please let me know what you think! Any and all tips, tricks, pointers, etc. are welcome!


Hey Nomjy, I think your design is great for a t-shirt: bold and to the point. I always thought you should be able to read a shirt in about half a second. Your big dots in the red are great too. Only problem I see is you have 2 shades of orange. We can print those as a ‘halftone’(dots), but it wouldn’t look near as good as a second SOLID orange(I know, I know, you hit the color limit, but that’s the way it is). You also have some stray red lurking in behind the flames that would have given us some trouble- again solved by printing a second red(or more like a 3rd orange). Now you’re up to 8 colors. Yep, that’s the reality of screen printing t-shirts.

Thanks! I actually made the orange variant by using a sort of hatching affect. I’ve looked at some of the resources in the forums and have some ideas on how to improve within the limitations of the colors so I’m excited to submit more designs. Unfortunately I’ve not had any ideas for the last 2 derbies to be excited about. (And then work got in the way.) Anyway, thanks so much for the feedback!

Yeah, it was hard to tell how you built that by just looking at a .png/.jpg. The dots or diagonal hatching is used quite a bit around here lately. If the dots/lines are coarse enough(remember, we always reduce the men’s design for women’s and kid’s shirts- and the more we reduce, the smaller the dots/lines get), we can make the design look reasonably like the electronic image we display to sell. Usually it takes some experimentation with print orders and chokes to get it just right. Usually one color dominates the other, and you can never tell until the ink flows what’s going to happen.

Yeah, that’s what I gathered after some reading and researching. I’ve actually screen printed once but I was working the silkscreens so I didn’t actually have to worry about design. I’m really excited to try again and can’t wait to experiment with methods.

Not sure if this would be the place to ask but… what sort of process and feedback is involved in submitting directly to woot and not going through the derby?

There is a ‘Submit’ button in the upper navigation. Click that, and you can submit for a daily print. From what I understand, feedback will be a yay or nay within 2-3 weeks, sometimes with a reason sometimes not. Responses can take longer, though, and if you get a ‘yay’ it doesn’t include when it will print.

…and don’t forget the donuts!