First reaction to inventions now taken for granted


This thread may apply more to us “older” folks, but what item(s) in your past did you think were just the coolest invention when you first got one, but that you now take for granted? May age is gonna show, but here goes…
1.Phones with touch tone and cordless phones. We had those annoying rotary phones that took forever to dial. And the first cordless phones were these big clunky things with huge antennas on them, yet we thought we were so cool (see That 70’s Show).
2.Microwave oven: Again is seems like technology started out with huge versions of everything. We had this honkin’ big microwave oven and were so amazed by it. It had a dial instead of digital.
3. VCRs: I bet not many people remember before we had VCRs. As a kid, I used to get a cassette recorder and tape the audio portions of TV shows to listen to later. And now I have TIVO! I sure have come a long way.
4.Color TV: OK, I was a VERY young child! All the shows started advertising that they had “Technicolor”. Watch a black and white set for years, then see color for the first time. Awesome!



See tankexmortis


It’s a pretty obvious one, but I remember when we got the internet. It was pretty “whoa!” I remember going into a chatroom and questioning whether or not the people were all bots.

(We had Betamax too.)


When I was in grad school and the department got an IBM which had two (yeah!) 5.25" floppy disk drives. You could have wordperfect on one disk and your files on a different disk- you didn’t have to keep switching them back and forth. It was awesome.


Sounds like my Commodore PC10C Colt (ca. 1987) . . . two disk drives, no internal memory . . .


Bah! I had a Commodore 64. Tape drive. Listened to the audio playback, waiting for subtle tonal changes to tell me when the old program ended and a new program began. The 1541 floppy drive was a miracle!

A few years prior, played with a Commodore Pet. Built-in tape drive and Chiclet-style keyboard.


Spell-check feature:

Josephus: Puzzled by need for such a thing.
FenStar: Complete indifference.
Poof: Swoon of ecstasy.
AZGman: <snerk>
Killingtime: Frown. Swig of Diet Coke. Copious notes about ramifications. 15 PMs to various wooters.

Cruzer: Serious hack- Naew spels All bethinkgins aught Midl Eanglaiss…
qwertyuiop000a: Runs to hide. changes name to qwertyuiop000b (and starts a long path toward qwertyuiop0001).
acemom: Comforts qwerty…, pokes KT in rib.
Bluetoothedseamammal: Proudly informs everyone that he already used it as a beta tester for six months before it came out.
M.wiseman: DIscovered he’d been wrong about Tiger Beet’s name. Called his mom to fix it.
Wonderstew: With his spelling errors gone, started to win more contests.
Proteus Crow: Bight me!
Dontwantaname: Loses name.


Hahaha, that’s great.


1.) Diet Coke
2.) Bleach
3.) Q-tips



html=invented about 5000 years ago

1923-Baby Gays



Two words…

Air Freshener :wink:




Bah! (sp?)


Warning: Prolonged exposure to Pine Air Freshener may result in Piney Trunkism.




I’m not going to argue, but those are “bouquet” air fresheners


Yea, they’re all shaped like pine trees. The green are called Royal Pine.


Hilarious! And right on the money.


Birth control pills.


Except me PMing 15 wooters. I hardly ever PM anyone. And I delete them once read. Geez…You make me sound like a Gossiping Ginny…and what is the poke in the rib about?