Let’s art here.


I just arted my pants



I can haz moar catshirts? This should be the 20th @yazmoq design I have now.

(The drag and drop is sooooooooooooooo easy versus the old way of upload, copy/clip, modify the URL, manually insert the tags, etc.)

Didn’t know about drag and drop. That’s cool.

Someone call my therapist. I was not prepared for this change.


The valuable comment counter is gone? And with it all of our bragging rights? Hang on…

That’s better. Also, in your face @ACraigl. I finally caught up w you.


All the old posts should be coming back into the forums here, but I don’t recall what was said about QPs.

I also like being able to copy a picture somewhere else and paste it right into here!


I think TT said they won’t be carried over.

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Hello all. welcome to woot’s new world that was long overdue!

Old posts will be migrated over during the next few days. A log of data there.

Posts counts will be back as well.

Quality posts don’t exist over here.

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Twenty yazmoq shirts? dang. Honored mate.
I have like five of my own…that I’ve kept as mementos, since I don’t wear t-shirts. XD

I usually use the coupons I receive for force-gifting shirts to my family members. …Sometimes my conscience doesn’t allow me to use a 20 something dollar coupon on a shirt print/HM, that sells 2 shirts. I have wondered what other artists do.

I stumbled upon this comment only when I entered ‘yaz’ in the new forum’s search bar xP…thank you.
oh and by obtaining 20 yazmoq shirts, you have unlocked an achievement. As a gesture of appreciation, I make for you this…thing. XD



Literally LOL here! And then my co-workers wondered if I’m okay!

Also 20 was the count then. It’s higher now. :smiley_cat:

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My cat has taken over my footrest again. I stared at her, for like seven seconds, all the while thinking what you meant by “somebody farted.”

I have gotten new spectacles, like two days ago, that could be the reason. I looked at the screen again and went…oh.

Still don’t know what you mean though. xd

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