Fish Hook Bottle Opener

Fish Hook Bottle Opener
$12.99 (Normally $26.00) 50% off List Price
(1) Wine Line Fish Hook Bottle Opener (Choose Pewter or Chrome)


“Catch” a great buzz with the help of this fish hook opener.

I keep forgetting it’s Thursday

The only way I ever know it’s Thursday is that Wine.woot isn’t selling wine.

Can we fish with this? :slight_smile:

As a bartender I fail to see the usefulness. Why does it exist?

Not all of us have teeth to open our beer bottles with…

oohh so that’s how you use it. cuz i thought you just kinda… you know, take the hook and put that in your teeth, to sorta hold it better when i open with my teeth

but this is INSTEAD of teeth. what a novel idea

I like the fact that the photographer likes BL Platinum. Valliant attempt to disguise the brand, but with the blue bottle and silver cap kinda gives it away :slight_smile:

Probably ashamed to be drinking a horrible beer like Bud. Now if he was drinking a Sierra Nevada or a Dogfish Head then that would be respectable.

On the topic of the opener, looks kind of cool but why buy something that takes up that much extra space, rather than something you can throw in a drawer, and can also lead to a nasty spiking if you trip and fall on it?

Aside from being intended to be an ornamental piece because of the stand, does the hook actually serve some functional purpose? I notice there is a notch in the hook, like it is made to catch on/open something else? I thought I was just an uncultured brute in not knowing what it was for, but there’s no image demonstrating that either. hmm

But Thursday on winewoot is supposed to be fancy food day! Not fish hook bottle opener day! {grumble, grumble}

Don’t anybody try to copy this… check out the patent

I have one of these already! Still unpacking from the move, I should find it any day now.

Man has it been a long week. I was looking at this through my android app this morning and wondering how the heck you open a bottle of wine with this thing.

This looks kinda dangerous when you you have had a few beers and trying to open it with this. I know drunk and fishing go hand in hand but this I don’t know. I could see this leading to trouble in the wrong drunken hand…

I’ll admit it. At first I was wondering how the hell you could remove a cork with these.

the lil notch is for opening pop top tabs most likely.

not a tool most winophiles will find handy but one us beer drinkers would have hours of endless entertainment with - not to mention the once in a life time opportunity to try fishing with it.

If you have a brother-in-law, its a screamin’ buy for a gift.

Man I apologize for going all beer snobby on you but BL Platinum is entirely an embarrassing marketing creation. BL Platinum is basically an ultra-cheap-to-produce malt liquor dressed up by marketing geniuses. It is basically Mickey’s in a blue dress and a 42 million dollar ad campaign. Kudos to the ad wizards, but I feel embarrassment for for everyone from the brew masters to the goof who sees it as an upscale beer.

With all the micro/macro craft brews out there, there is no need to go to cheap malt liquor product for high content.

Oh yeah I was totally wondering how this hook could pop a cork! If I wasnt trying to de-clutter I would get it. And I would love one as a gift!