Fish Hook Bottle Opener



Fish Hook Bottle Opener
$12.99 (Normally $26.00) 50% off List Price
(1) Wine Line Fish Hook Bottle Opener (Choose Pewter or Chrome)


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I was tempted by this item the last time around, but ultimately decided that I didn’t want more clutter on my bar.

Also, on Home.Woot is a wine diaper 6-pack, in case anyone is into that sorta thing.


Cheap wine diapers up on home.woot.


I did get one last time, & seriously hooking up another two for gifts. Nicely made & packaged.


Looks like a great way for a drunk person to slice a finger open.


No box wine? You guys are no fun at all.


Ok, I “unlocked” free shipping by buying a bunch of wine diapers, so now I’m ready for tempting wine offers :slight_smile:


Natural selection at it’s lowest level.



wheres Moby a’hidin’?


HELP!!! I MISSED OUT ON THESE AND NEEEEEEEEEEED ONE (OR 2)! Searched high and low on the web and cannot find anyone selling this bottle opener. Got any wooterful ideas on how to score one?