Fish Hook Bottle Opener

Just give me salted caramels already woot. It’s cold outside.

Fish Hook Bottle Opener
$12.99 (Normally $26.00) 50% off List Price

This is only safe to use for the first bottle of the evening. After that, switch openers or have a designated human opener to do this.

Ha! :slight_smile:

What’s the notch in the hook for? Popping a Miller Lite punch top?

If there were ever any item that deserved to contain a TREASURE link, it would be a GIANT FISH HOOK! Or is that too obvious? :smiley:


These are terrific. I keep one on the counter or outside bar. I also have given the other two (from the last woot I got these from) as gifts to big fishermen.
They have a real nice heavy feel to them and look great.
I just ordered three more. They

Are these merely soda/beer bottle openers? I can’t find anything online with a better description…do they open wine bottles? As someone else asked, is the notch just to make it look more hook-like or does it serve a purpose? THANKS…

In case anyone is taking requests: Hoping for the truffle butters over here!

Wine bottles are using caps now!

I hope you’re talking about the Fleur de Sel chocolate covered ones :slight_smile: And to think I was the only one thinking the exact same thing. The holidays are rapidly approaching. Come on caramels and balsamic!!!

open one of my last two boxes last week, damn that stuff is good !

Ahhrrrrrrr! It makes a great replacement for a hand ye lost in a raid!

I bought three last time. I can only say, the guy in the picture must have really small hands…

They bottle cap openers. Beer, soda.

Foul hook ! I’ve been trying to buy these things for the last several woot-offs but I keep on missing them.

I think they would make excellent Xmas gifts.

Picked a bad time to go to lunch today…