Fish Hook Bottle Opener



Back to work


What in the what?!


Once again, a review: fairly large, and doesn’t open bottles very well (slips off the cap easily), but looks nice.


These are perfect for stabbing a hole in a box of Franzia and using it like an adult Capri Sun.


Good, have some time to not look at WW.



Woot posted this:

I am an active participant in the catch and release program. Catch a bottle of wine … and then RELEASE THE FUN! WOOOOOOOOOO!

This doesn’t open Wine bottles.



Seriously though, this has been offered umpteen times in the last few months. Stop. Just stop.

Is the “Fish Hook Bottle Opener” the Wine.Woot equivalent of the “iRobot Roomba” wootoff killer?


This would only fit into my lifestyle if I were out fishing. The big hook and ‘difficulty opening’ as others have said may attribute to swimming with the fish rather than catching any.


it looks like a nice way to make something that can be the size of a credit card take up a ton of counter space though.


please make this go away. I want wine.




The return of the dreaded fish hook… again…

I agree, just make it stop.