Fish in the New Year

the Okuma AV-80A-CL ships for $25 on amazon if you have prime, where it’s sold by woot.

My step-dad’s a big fisherman, mostly fishes on freshwater lakes in a boat for bass, etc. His birthday is coming up and I’m not sure if this would be a good reel for for him. Would either of these models be good for that? And are these left-handed reels? Any info appreciated.

This is kind of a tricky question to answer due to the fisherman in question and their preferences.

For the baitcaster, it’s a regular right side crank reel.
I know a lot of righties who cast right handed (rod in the right hand) and then swap back hands and start cranking with their right now the rod is in their left hand.
Used to be for a time that this was the only variety available, but now they do sell just about as many left side crank versions, which is what I generally buy (but I still have a couple of right side cranks).
I heard this is because the origin of baitcasting reels is simply a spinning reel flipped upside down and somehow people got used to it.

The spinning reels are technically right handers, but again, this is the traditional side for the crank, as this reel hangs underneath and not on top like the baitcaster.
As a right handed fisherman, I am able to cast with my right hand and not have to swap hands to crank these.

So for these on sale here, generally the spinning reels are best for right handed people and the baitcasting reels for left handed people.

All this said, some lefties have learned to cast with the other non dominant arm for spinning reels, and vice versa for right handed people using regular old style right side crank baitcasters.

In short, I think you need to ask someone who knows him :smiley:
It’s one of those tricky gifts that needs to be specifically right.