FishHunter Directonal 3D Portable Fish Finder Bundle

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It’s $249 on their website - come on Woot !!

[MOD: Ours is a bundle with extra items]

This model seems much more versatile than the earlier and more specific (Catfish Hunter)

Kevinforward’s mostly right. I’m actually in the market for a fish finder, but this isn’t a good deal. On the product website I’m pretty sure you get everything shown here on woot, except the cell phone tripod, and the cell phone waterproof bag. The only question is if the 3in1 charger is the same model, but a charger does come with both sets. Their website charges $70 for the bag and tripod accessories. I’m pretty sure I can find a waterproof cell phone bag and a way to mount/hold my cell phone for cheaper than that. If this was a good deal, I’d probably have bought it.