Fishing Extravaganza



There’s a lot of reels here - I’m sure our resident fishers can help explain what reel does a really good job and when to some of our novice fishers. Who wants to start?


Fishing Extravaganza you say? I thought you were talking about the actual Ice Fishing Extravaganza! See


This is more reel than a novice would need, but at this price it’s hard to pass up the deal.


I was looking at the Daiwa Laguna but it’s cheaper to get it from Amazon with Prime shipping :frowning:


The Plus deals are select deals of product that we can’t sell on the main sites for various reasons like it being too niche or the small quantities available.

They’re generally good deals in their own right but they’re not going to have the deep discounts that you’re used to seeing on the daily sales. This is due in part to the smaller quantities (i.e. no volume discounts). In some cases, the deal is improved if you take advantage of the $5 all day shipping.

As always, we know our wooters are serious consumers and will hunt down the best price available. We expect no less of you.

Hope that helps. Happy shopping!


ROFL, now that’s funny! Deep discounts.


Now hear from the old man of the sea…Cheap reels are better than exPENNsive reels because if you fish, you have to clean and lube your reel. saltwater? major clean time. OR if time is kinda’ important, you just use these little suckers till they lock up, drill a 1/16 hole in the side, spay lube it and know it is on its last trip.


Hail Eris.

the puns here are so Deep, One might think it’s Punday.