Fishski Provisions Mac & Cheese Mixed (12)

Fishski Provisions Mac & Cheese Mixed 12-Pack: Hatch Green Chile & Hatch Red Chile
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(6) - FishSki Provisions Macaroni & Cheese - Cheddar, Hatch Green Chile, & Garlic, 6oz Bag
(6) - FishSki Provisions Macaroni & Cheese - Cheddar, Hatch Red Chile, & Bell Pepper, 6oz Bag

$2.75 per each is on par with the average store price but you can make it yourself in approximately the same amount of time without dirtying any extra dishes all for about the same cost… only homemade is always better

PS… If you can melt butter, boil water and stir with a spatula you are good to go


As a native New Mexican, I find this offering offensive, false, and a plain lie. “Air dried bell peppers”? There is not a Hatch chile pepper in the ingredient list. But it could account for that moldy green looking crap in the ‘Hatch red chile’ product picture.
You cannot market something as “Hatch chile” when it contains no New Mexican cultivated chile pepper. In fact it is illegal to sell a “Hatch” or “New Mexican” pepper product in New Mexico if cultivated outside the state.
See how their website extols the greatness of the Hatch chile and cultivation history, but never actually says “we use Hatch chile in or product”?
Rob and Tania are skating on melted ice.

From Amazon (and a few places elsewhere) - They DO say they use Hatch chilies:
“Product description - … Our mac and cheese is made with GMO Free pasta and peppers, real cheese, and the best Hatch Chile. It’s actual food, free of any artificial flavors and preservatives. …”

Ok. Reading the ingredient panel and looking at the large chunks of red and green peppers in the photo, I believe that the chunks are the dried (red/green) bell peppers and that the Hatch chiles are in the spices list. So, it’s probably dried, ground Hatch chiles, not diced bits of fresh ones, which makes it hardly enough to use the name as a claim to fame. The photo is misleading.

This transplanted Albuquerque native girl (me) says, “Bell peppers! Ugh!!!”

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Hi, Both our Hatch Green Chile and Hatch Red Chile recipes use 100% Hatch New Mexico Grown and roasted by a family in Albuquerque. The Green Chile Recipe also includes dried green chiles; and the Red Chile recipe also includes bell peppers (grown in NM, AZ, and CA; labelled on the bag). We use the best Hatch Chile- and guarantee you’ll taste it in our Mac!

It looks like your reading the product and ingredient list wrong - we take our Chile seriously and would never falsely claim otherwise!

Yes, 100% Hatch Chile grown in Hatch, NM (the best in the world!) and roasted in ABQ.

Hi, The Green Chile, Garlic, Cheddar mac and cheese recipe includes dried green chile peppers (the green bits you see), along with roasted green chile powder.

And the Red Chile, Bell Pepper, Garlic, Cheddar Mac and Cheese recipe includes air dried bell peppers (the red and green you see) along with along with air dried red chile powder. Having bell peppers with the Red Chile draws out the sweetness and some nuttiness from the Hatch Red Chile.

All chiles/ peppers except the bell peppers are grown in the Hatch Valley. We promise you’ll love our chiles and mac!

FishSki Provision’s Mac and Cheese requires only 2 cups of water to make (no extra ingredients and no straining)!