Fishski Provisions Mac & Cheese Mixed (12)

Fishski Provisions Mac & Cheese Mixed (12)

I bought this the last time, I would not buy it again, Not creamy at all, I still have 8 or 9 bags left. I have no urges to have it again. I rather buy the 99 cent Kraft brand


Retail at over $4 a box… Even Annie’s Organic version isn’t that expensive. Something seemed a little fishy here… Glad I poked around first. And thanks for sharing your experience. Even with the sale price of almost $3 per package, that would have to be some REALLY fantastic M&C to shell that out.

Ahhhhhh I see what you did there!

My fav, above and beyond the Annie’s is the simple truth organic Mac and cheese by Kroger. Doesn’t have the powder cheese, it’s a sauce pack. It’s so good and only like a buck-fitty for a box.

I love Mac & Cheese but these sound gross! The product photos don’t even look appetizing. :face_vomiting: