Fiskars Deluxe Telescoping Weeder



Bought one of these last time, it works really well and seems very sturdy. Buy now!


Wow, this is a really good deal. I have the non-deluxe version of this weeder and I paid $25 for it at Lowes.

Wish I would have waited.


I bought one of these last time and my dear friend and neighbor saw me using it. So I gave it to her as a gift and I’m buying another for myself today. Get one for yourself…they work great!


Completely agree, I got one of these last time and it works incredibly well. Even on gravel but you need to have the ground semi soft so I use this after I water the plants.


Be careful using these near buried driplines/soaker hoses … I punctured a dripline near my foundation causing water to spray about 10 feet into the air lol!
edit this one doesnt have stake-like pointy edges so it doesnt look as harmful to buried water lines **

I’ve used these with success on many types of weeds in north texas bermuda, good luck!


wasn’t the consensus from the last time that the plastic foot lever breaks off easily, frequently the first time it is used?

Anybody try to smash that piece and see if it breaks?


Bought two of these last time and haven’t even had the chance to try one yet…since last time was about 2 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, they seem like such a simple design…the price here is really good, but they don’t seem worth much more than that…unless you factor in how much time you’ll probably save long term.


Don’t have a lot of time to post tonight so sorry for the weak posts.

Here was the previous woot and my comment from last time.

Pffft, a measly 40 reviews. :tongue: Canada has over 150 4+ star reviews


My wife was more excited getting this than any other Woot item ever! This not only works well it also makes weeding bearable. It keeps her away from the allergens in the grass/plants. Very usefull tool!


just received this in the email last week pulled about twenty dandelions from yard without any effort, this thing works awesome. Woot Woot.


Does this work well on weeds larger than dandelions? I’m thinking about thistles specifically.


I haven’t tried intentionally smashing the piece because I can tell its pretty sturdy. In fact it’s got good weight to it, so I don’t see it breaking off soon unless you’ve got money to waste in experimenting


Don’t know about thistles but this pulled up old shoots of a tree we cut down a year ago. It also pulled up little not super established weeds so I’m getting 1tonight for my neighbor. Ho I see bent over diggin her weeds up all the time. Thanks woot


They’re sending them through email now!? ;). Technology… Bah.

Question though: could this simultaneously be used for both gophers and weeds?


I bought one last time. It does seem pretty sturdy, but I can’t say I’m blown away by its performance yet. Perhaps I am still getting the hang of the technique or maybe it’s the summer-dried PNW clay that I’m attempting to use it on. Once the rain starts I’ll give it another go.


Woot now has the technology to send items via email!! No wonder they can ship everything for 5 bucks now across all the sites!


So this only works on weeds with large’ish roots like thistles and dandelions? We get a bunch of little weeds in our rose garden that are a pita to remove and we can only do it on knees by hand. Is there anything good for that besides chemicals, we can’t use those.


Ride the Lawn - Dana Lyons

Ride the lawn, ride the lawn
Here on my quarter acre lot I sing my freedom song
Ride the lawn, ride the lawn
We’ll hunt the dandelion down and whack him till he’s gone


Yes. I bought this last time just for those. I took those suckers out first. This tool really did the trick on those, and the dandelions. I have used this twice so far and I am very happy with my purchase!