Fiskars Deluxe Telescoping Weeder


I bought this the last time and am very pleased with it. I can fill a 5 gallon bucket in about 20 minutes with dandelions. Is it perfect? No, it doesn’t always get the entire taproot, but it has a higher success rate (by far) than I do trying by hand with creating a much smaller hole in the lawn.
*Make sure you do this with moist ground, the weeds pull out much easier/better.
*Take the time to make sure you are centered over the plant coming out of the ground(sometimes the leaves/flower are misleading and you only get leaves).
*The biggest “problem” I have had is when the roots take a sharp turn and go sideways under the ground, it has trouble with those.

I really think this is a quality product, now I just need something to take care of the mint-like stuff in my lawn…


I’ll throw my $0.02 in as well. I bought one of these on Woot two weeks ago and it’s wonderful. I’ve spent a ton of time in the yard since then pulling all sorts of weeds and it handles them all pretty well. It is an enormous time and energy saver.

One word of caution…it doesn’t always pull up the weed/root cleanly. Often there is a clump of dirt that comes with it so you might need to pull that off and “replace your divot.” Obviously the moisture of your soil plays a role in that too.

Great purchase.


Will this pull up Asparagus Fern? My neighbor thinks it’s lovely for flower arrangements, but it’s very invasive and migrates from her yard into mine. It not only has thorns, but long roots AND I’ve found I’m very allergic to it!


We picked this up last time it was here and I felt I needed to come back to comment that it’s a great tool! Works very well and actually got me into the yard.


Broke first day. The plastic seems really thick but it broke at the base.


I also bought one of these from Woot the last time it was offered. It works very well. Not having to bend over for hours is really nice. And, it keeps your hands pretty much clean. As another poster said, it doesn’t always get 100% of the root, but it really does grab and get most of it. I used it over the weekend to weed a rather bad section of my lawn that is going to be redone in a few weeks. I’ve used it on different weeds and grasses, and it’s worked well for me. Obviously, it is not going to work as well in bone dry soil. I found it to be very sturdy, so I’m not sure why people have had problems with it breaking. I purchased two others, one for my mom and one for her friend, and my mom is looking forward to using hers and giving the friend the gift. Good buy!!


I bought this last time it was on woot. The plastic button on the side broke within five minutes. It was my fault, so I wasn’t that angry. Shortly after breaking, I was in my local home improvement store and saw weeders that are primarily metal were only 15 bucks. So, save some money and pick up a metal weeder (not significantly heavier than the plastic ones either).


I’m another buyer from the last offer and I enthusiastically recommend this product. I have yet to find a weed that this doesn’t work on. But you have to use some common sense or you could break it. Do your weeding when the ground is moist. The weeds come up easily then. If there is resistance by the weed release it and make another stab. This will further loosen the ground and make extraction easier. Treat this weeder nice and it will be there for you.


'Love Fiskars stuff - really creative design. We missed this one last time since it sold out.

We have a Fiskars remote “lopper”/trimmer that has 2 inch blades at the end of a 5-foot aluminum pole and used it to help clear a trail. AMAZING device!

Based upon that experience with the brand and these reviews, we’ll be picking up one of these weeders.

==> I’m curious, to those of you who have broken the foot peg, have you tested the “25 year warranty”? (is it one of those great ‘no questions asked warranties’?)


The bad news - Bought one last time. Used once, and the piece that slides down to remove the weed broke. This piece really needs to be aluminum or metal. Not plastic.
The good news - It worked really well, until it broke.
More good news - The tool has a 25 year warranty. So, I went to the Fiskars website and filled out a claim. They require a picture of the damaged product. The confirmation I got from Fiskars is that I will get a new tool. I will be satisfied if it works out that way.


I cant believe how well this works.

Love it.


What a coinky-dink. I was scouring the interwebs for reviews on this just last night. I currently own a competitor’s model, and I’m going to stick with that. LOTS of folks saying that the plastic piece does break off. The competitor’s model (woof woof)is all metal (save the pull knob at the top) and has served me fine for several years now. I was looking to see if there’s a better mousetrap, and it turns out I already have the best…


IMO, Bermuda is a weed. But, I’d hate to try to remove it with any weeder. Even Round-Up couldn’t kill my Bermuda lawn, when I tried to switch to rescue.


I owned the competitor’s model, push-twist-pull…eject. Mine broke within days.
I bought this model and used it the same way and was disappointed! it was making huge holes in the lawn, and it was clunky to use twisting the small handle. Then I read the directions…insert, pull back…it’s MUCH easier to use than the competition! I am winning the battle against weeds. it’ pulls the eintire crabgrass without much damage to the soil.


Got one last time and have used it a bunch since. I am a big guy and had no trouble with the plastic piece breaking - just don’t force it. That part should be made of metal but you can easily feel when the plastic starts to yield and let off the pressure. It only happens when pulling larger plants and is not a concern with regular weeds. This is a great tool at this price.


Bah, I just ran into the receipt for this yesterday. I paid $39 about 6 months ago from Amazon.

But I do agree, this works great. My neighbor was using a wooden/cast iron version, but I did some research and got this one since it’s the tallest I’ve found and is more comfortable than a wooden handle. I know some reviews talking about the plastic parts breaking, but I’ve just tried to be careful and it’s fine.

A breeze for dandelions, thistles, and some others types of weeds if they have a single taproot.


Very nice design and solid construction. It works and takes out weeds but also takes out a good amount of dirt as well. It leaves a very small hole each time I use it. This may be the case in my yard only and can’t speak for everyone else. Bottom line it works and it saves your back.


I don’t know why I bought one of these - I guess I was in a buying frenzy.
Finally got around to using it and was amazed at how well it worked plus it’s long enough for someone as tall as me (pretty tall, but not really tall).
And it’s the gardening tool most likely to be mistaken for a shotgun.


i am buying a few more of these for friends/family

this thing works beyond excellent. if there was ever an easy way to pull weeds…this is it. seriously, it will get any weed…just gotta find the center or where the root is at if not centrally located.

i de-weeded my entire yard in about 30 mins with this thing, only went out to try it and it was easy enough to just do all of the yard.


Bought mine last time…works great!! Very sturdy.